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Important Updates due to COVID-19



In-person gathering postponed. Virtual gathering coming soon!

It is exciting to see so many people ready to gather around the possibilities that healing justice has to offer us. We have been following the COVID-19 crisis closely particularly the impact on queer and trans, black, indigenous, and people of color. The Planning Committee has been exploring various options regarding our plans to convene later this year. Given the reality of the pandemic, we have made the decision to postpone our in-person event until it is safe for us to gather. We are determining which aspects of the convening we could offer virtually in the coming months.

It is not lost on us that now, more than ever, our community is in need of each other as we navigate illness, loss, grief, financial crisis and the impending weight of the unknown. We are taking this time to pause, regroup, and reimagine what we can offer. 

For updates about the convening, please follow us on social media and join the NQTTCN newsletter. Once we have more information and feel more grounded in what’s possible, we will circle back to gain insight on what care and resources are needed for a future in-person gathering.



The National Queer and Trans Therapists of Color Network (NQTTCN) is excited to announce our 2020 Healing Justice Convening. This convening will mobilize QTPoC (queer and trans people of color) healers, movement leaders, artists, cultural workers, and health, mental health, and healing practitioners from across the country to collectively address the physical, emotional, psychic, and spiritual needs of queer and trans people of color living in the United States. We gather to uplift healing justice as a political and spiritual framework to address the legacy of intergenerational trauma and harm our communities continue to experience due to criminalization and the medical-industrial complex. Although NQTTCN’s work is primarily focused on mental health practitioners, we understand that the wellbeing and healing of our communities are held by countless frontline workers, leaders, and self-organized systems of care. Therefore, this convening will be an intentional space for practitioners and providers across disciplines, modalities, and practices; organizers and movement leaders working to integrate healing justice into their work, and artists and cultural workers committed to promoting healing justice.

History and Lineage

We honor and acknowledge the long lineage of work on healing justice since and before this term was articulated. Our work, and by extension this convening, is grounded in the work of groups like Kindred Southern Healing Justice Collective and the People’s Movement Center; movements for liberation including disability justice, transformative justice, abolition, reproductive justice, and harm reduction; and social justice movement spaces such as the US Social Forum (USSF) and Allied Media Conference (AMC). In particular, this convening is deeply informed by the Healing Justice People’s Movement Assembly at the 2010 USSF as well as healing justice practice spaces at both USSF and AMC.

For more information, please read Healing Justice at the US Social Forum: A report from Atlanta, Detroit & Beyond.

Building upon our first national gathering in 2018 as part of the Allied Media Conference, our  2020 convening is situated within broader movement-building efforts to organize QTPOC mental health practitioners working inside the medical-industrial complex and beyond to disrupt and intervene on this system and the growing criminalization of our communities.



We gather for respite, rest, restoration, and nourishment. We gather to deepen our connections with each other. We gather to heal and reclaim our dignity collectively. We gather to strategize both within and across disciplines, modalities, and movements. We gather to get ready and get free.

This convening is NOT a traditional conference. We are bringing folks together with a lot of care and intention for:

  1. Renewal - Intentional space for rest, restoration, and reflection. 

  2. Connection - Relationship building with QTPoC across communities, fields, practices, and modalities.

  3. Learning - Sharing knowledge, skills, information, and history to sharpen our practice and analysis.

  4. Strategy - Mapping our collective strategy to sharpen our organizing and movement-building work.

We are creating a space to tend to our minds, bodies, and spirits and ask that those who join us attend the entire convening and commit to being as fully present as possible. Moreover, this convening will prioritize space for healing, movement building, and learning. 

Who should attend:

This convening is for QTPoC mental health practitioners, medical/health providers, birth workers, artists, cultural workers, organizers, movement folks, healers, and spirit workers.

We invite:

  • Psychotherapists, Social Workers, Counselors, Case Managers, Peer Support Practitioners, Substance Abuse Counselors, Behavioral Health Workers, etc.

  • Physicians, Nurses, Nurse Practitioners, Physician’s Assistants, Chiropractors, Naturopaths, Acupuncturists, etc.

  • Midwives, Doulas, etc.

  • Writers, Performers, Visual Artists, Musicians, Dancers

  • Practitioners of energy medicine, bodywork, plant medicine, tarot, astrology, folk medicine, shamanism, curanderismo, etc.

  • Faith-based and spiritual care practitioners including both ordained/initiated and non-ordained/initiated practitioners

  • Movement leaders and organizers doing work around:

    • Reproductive Justice

    • Racial Justice

    • Gender Justice

    • LGBTQ Justice

    • Economic Justice

    • Environmental Justice

    • Disability Justice

    • Abolition

    • Indigenous Sovereignty 

    • Migrant Justice

    • Health and Healing Justice



All attendees must complete brief application to share more about who you are, your work and why you would like to attend the convening. Attendees must:

1.  Complete application.

2.  Upon acceptance, complete registration.

3.  Book travel and hotel reservations.

Travel Support

We are actively fundraising to secure resources for our travel fund. If you need financial assistance to atttend, please indicate this in your appilcation.

More information about the program and presenters coming soon!!!